Monday, February 25, 2008

Going on the At-tax


I come from a politically liberal family. And my Mother went to public school (in a time before Yeshiva day schools were as common as they are today, thank G-d, KI"H). So we always supported property taxes as a way to contribute to the public school system even if we ourselves were attending Yeshiva day school.

For better or worse, many people from my generation don't remember a time or didn't live in a place where the only schools available were either public schools, private schools (way too expensive) or Catholic (or other Christian) schools. They don't realize what the choices might be for them (and their children) if the public schools were to fold, to cease to exist.

I say this because I seem, on a semi-regular basis, to receive unwanted, unsolicited mail that usually comes in envelopes without a return address and almost always expresses the opinion that property taxes are too high and that everyone should fight having to pay them especially if they have no family members who attend public school.

I find these mailings distasteful. They show, IMHO, a side of people that doesn't see the larger picture and doesn't see a Tora point of view. The Tora always encourages us to be good citizens, to support community services. Even if there were no reason that any Jewish child would be attending the public schools, it should be our duty, nay, our privilege, to support the schools that are educating our Gentile neighbors. We should be participating in every way in this endeavor because it is to our advantage that they people of the world be educated (especially those educated in the truth).

So if you're out there and you're bemoaning paying property taxes to support a school your children don't attend, see it as an opportunity to contribute to a better community, a better society and a better world (and while you're at it, volunteer at the schools if you have the time -- it's more of an opportunity to educate the masses).

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