Saturday, August 30, 2008



While going through some old e-mail in a vain attempt to clear out some room from my 70+% full mail box, I found this hysterical article (I googled it to find a link -- this is a link to it:
Bageling Article
please read the article and then come back here)

This article reminded me of an experience that happened to me many years ago. When I was in High School, I used to travel on the bus to NYC. Being the only person from my HS who lived in my community, I spent long hours (the ride was about an hour in each direction) riding the bus solo so when I found out that a friend of mine, who took a different bus but one I could take too, though it would take me a bit longer in each direction, was also going to HS in NY, I changed to her bus so I wouldn't have to ride alone.

One Friday, while we were waiting to get on the bus (and the crowd was light since we got out early on Friday) we noticed a cute guy probably not much older than we wearing a Kippa. Being that we both found him attractive, my friend whispered to me, "we've got to talk about school but don't talk about your Mr. or Mrs. teachers, only talk about your Rabbi teachers." This seemed like a good idea to me, so that's what we did. She ended up having a bit of a fling (as in a Yeshiva girl sort of fling -- as in they sat together on the bus and "made out") with him and I ended up riding alone again (at least until his stop on the bus).

I guess that was one "bageling" incident in my life. I've definitely had others -- talking to friends in stores about shul and hagim (Jewish holidays) and Shabbat and the like within earshot of someone I know to be Jewish (or suspect to be Jewish and want to test).

A number of years back, when my hashkafa wasn't disappearing from the face of this earth, I thought about how I can look at a guy and know he's Modern Orthodox (if he dresses a certain way and wears a crocheted kippa, for example) but how would a guy know by looking at me (I rarely wear anything that would be pick me out as a Shomeret Shabbat Jew) that I was Modern Orthodox too (I don't look particularly Jewish, though I don't look particularly non-Jewish either). My idea was to create a necklace (I used "shrinky dink" for the job) with two letter shins on it (standing for Shomeret Shabbat). I thought if I were to wear it around, people would ask what it meant and the idea might catch on. It didn't. !

Anyway, I'd love to hear your "bageling" stories. Just use the comment section and let's see how many stories we can get here.

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